100% acorn-fed Iberico ham


Garlic shrimps contiene marisco


Andalusian – style squid


Homemade Iberico-ham croquettes contiene lactosacontiene gluten


Grilled vegetables with romescu sauce contiene frutos secos


Grilled octopus with a potato foam and Espelette paprika contiene lactosa


Spanish omelette with truffle contiene huevo



Special Sa Punta salad contiene lacteos contiene frutos secos


Tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil salad contiene lacteos


Avocado and prawn salad contiene marisco



Cream of grilled leek with Mallorcan almond contiene frutos secos


Andalusian Gazpacho contiene gluten



Creamy octopus and squid rice with parsley mayonnaise


Spaguetti withwith prawns and seafood sauce contiene marisco



Baked turbot
(minimum 2 people) contiene pescado


Bluefin tuna tataki with Wasabi ice cream contiene pescado contiene soja contiene frutos secos


Salt-crusted seabass
(for 2 people) contiene pescado


Grilled fresh sole contiene pescado contiene lactosa


Catch of the day
(please ask your waiter) contiene pescado

Market price

Balearic lobster
(pre-ordered) contiene pescado

Market price

National lobster
(pre-ordered) contiene pescado

Market price


Chateaubriand on a hot stone
(2 people)


Ox prime rib on a hot stone
(2 people)


Grilled beef filet


Iberian pork flank macerated with miso and pickled red onion contiene sulfitos


Sauces to order: pepper, bernese, Pedro Ximenez wine, alioli contiene sulfitos contiene lactosa contiene frutos secos contiene huevo



Chicken nuggets


Beef burger* contiene gluten


Spaghetti Napolitana* contiene gluten


* Gluten-free option available


If you suffer from any type of food allergy, please let us know.

All of our raw fish has been previously frozen for 24 hours.

In compliance with European Regulation 1169/2011 on food allergies, which entered into force on 13/12/2014, our customers are
informed that they are welcome to see the list of food products contained in each of the dishes offered on our menu that may
trigger some kind of allergy.